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Fourth Sunday of Eastertide • April 21, 2024
“Do You Want to be Made Well?”
Series: Questions From Jesus: Part 3
Scriptures: John 5:1-9

At first blush, it seems like this passage is only about Jesus’ miraculous healing powers. In our day and age, such a reading may seem irrelevant to our logical/scientific minds. Yet, what if there’s more happening “beneath the surface” here? If we read this passage in a literal sense for the sake of the narrative and thus grant that the waters of Beth-zatha did in fact have healing properties, then a fascinating question emerges: Why after 38 years has this poor man not found someone to befriend him by helping him into the waters when they were “stirred” so that he might be healed? Could it be that his illness is more complicated than a lame leg? How might his relationship (or lack thereof) with his surrounding community intersect with his ongoing suffering? What’s more, how does all of this relate to our struggles with suffering and various ailments today? Join us this Sunday as we explore these questions and more. Following the sermon, anointing oil is offered as a ritual of healing to those who wish to participate. Blessings to you all.

~ Pastor Scott