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From The Pastor’s Heart

Thank you for your service.

Dear friends in Christ,

It’s not every church that gets to celebrate so much that is so good. In April and May we were able to baptize two infants, receive five persons as members and confirm seven youth. We launched a 100-year restoration project that honors the history of our building and anticipates a bright future. We rejoiced together in youth leading in worship and 8th grade, high school and college graduations. Newborn grandchildren, new grandparents and the blessing of families within the church provided moments of delight and enrichment to our life together. I give thanks to God for all God is doing within our congregation. I invite you to offer your gratitude to God for the blessings you have experienced.

As the end of May approaches and we gather for Memorial Day observances, we as citizens of this country are called to pause and give honor to our servicemen and women and especially those who have died in the securing of the freedoms we enjoy. May our thankfulness give rise to support to those soldiers who are stationed abroad and those who have come home with the physical and emotional scars associated with their service. I give thanks to Pastor Bob Campbell for his therapeutic work assisting our veterans. When away from our congregation, Pastor Bob serves as the Director of the Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (RRTP) for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah, Wisconsin, where treatment is offered for PTSD and Substance Abuse. Please keep Bob, his work and our veterans in your prayers.

While our country finds itself in a less than productive season of leadership (oh, what words should describe our presidential administration, I am at loss), we as people of faith can contribute and must share what is good, helpful and just. I tire of complaining about the present state of politics and an administration that I find incredibly baffling and increasingly harmful. So I am striving to educate and engage myself further on issues important not just to me but on those of importance to my neighbor who may or may not think like me or come from the same context of living, work or culture as I do. As I do these things, I seek the resources of the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church to help me articulate my beliefs and the role of the church in addressing the many ills within our society and world. These principles serve to share faith and knowledge of science, culture, history and future hopes on several different issues. This summer, two particular issues will provide our congregation with a chance to increase our knowledge of issues affecting our country and world: 1) water and environmental justice and 2) sanctuary city & church movement which is increasing each day as more of our neighbors are threatened with detention and deportation. Look inside our newsletter for more information on these timely studies. You can find copies of The Social Principles in the Parlor bookcase at church. Let us learn together so that we may be knowledgeable, engaged and active Christians in the world.

Be blessed in the start of summer and know that the church shares in the delights of faith, family and fun adventures with you!

Grace and peace,

Rev. David P. Aslesen